How to tell a girl you lied about your age?

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If you lied to a girl about your age, you need to be honest and say sorry. Pick a time and place that is private and good to talk about it, and explain what happened. Make sure to apologize to the girl and tell her it won’t happen again. Try to understand where she comes from and be ready for various feelings. It may take time to rebuild trust, so be honest and open to strengthen the relationship.

Have you been lying to the girl of your life about your age? 

Well, lying to your partner about your age can have different aspects. I will cover all the aspects and provide solutions to them. So, in this article, we will discuss how to tell your girlfriend you lied about your age. 

Why do people lie about their age?

In general, lying is terrible, but lying about your age, which you can’t hide for long, is even worse. Hiding your age can have harmful effects on your relationship and can even end your relationship. 

From what I’ve found, there are two reasons why a boyfriend might lie about his age, which are: 

  1. Telling your age older (If the boy is trying to assert his dominance over the girl or impress her with his maturity and emotional stability). 
  2. Putting down your age (He might do this if he wants the girl to think he’s still young and inexperienced, so she won’t set her sights too high). 

How to tell your girl you lied about your age:

Some boys think that hiding their age can impress their girl because nowadays, most girls look for mature and sensible boys who are older than them. And maybe you are experiencing the same. On the other hand-some boys think showing themselves younger can free them from responsibilities and expectations. 

This article is for you if you have lied about your age, whether on purpose or not, and you’ve finally found the girl of your dreams but are now anxious about the revelation of your lie. Following are the steps for how to tell a girl you lied about your age: 

Plan a cute meet-up with your girl: 

cute meet-up with your girl


When you finally decide to tell your girl the truth about your age, plan a meet-up instead of casually telling her by text. Conveying your feelings and objectives to her face-to-face will make a big difference. Now you need to start the conversation off lightly and not rush. 

Justify her: 

Start a dialogue about how uncomfortable you were when you had to pretend to be younger or older than you were. If you want your girl to believe you, you need to convince her that you care about the relationship as it is. 

Show your love for her: 

Doubtless, showing each other love and affection is the secret to a happy and healthy relationship. Tell her you were frightened about being rejected because you fell in love with her. Reassure her that your lie was harmless and that you care about her. It’ll make it easier for her to forget that you lied to her. 

Reassure her that the mistake won’t happen again and that you are prepared to make it up to her. Tell her your true intentions and how you want to have an honest relationship with her. Although it is not as simple as it seems, she will appreciate the fact you opened up to her even though you did not need to.

Embrace the consequences: 

Lying is unacceptable in any relationship, and if you disclose your lie to your partner, you should be ready for the consequences. If she overreacts and breaks up with you, then you should be patient and react nicely because you are the one who lied. She has the right to do anything about it. Reacting to her reaction can make her angrier because it will show that you are not guilty of what you did. 

Letting it go: 

Maybe, for her, it’s not about age and more about lying and breaking her trust. Try to convince her as much as possible, but if she decides to leave you, let it go. It will hurt you, but at the same time, it will be an excellent decision to part ways because a relationship without trust can be toxic for both of you. 

I don’t think anyone will leave you because of a lie about your age, as age doesn’t matter in true love. But lying can be a reason to leave someone. Because when you lie in a relationship, whether with your life partner or a friend, you break that trust they had in you. Trust is the main component of a relationship; if your partner doesn’t trust you, your relationship will never grow stronger. 

Don’t lie about anything in your relationships; if you have lied in the past, don’t worry about it, and try not to lie again in future relationships. 

I hope you learned something from this article, and if you find yourself in this situation, use these ideas immediately.

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